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Shape Paser ECL & Paser 4 Standard Mixing Tube

At Shape, we introduce 1000001 Standard Mixing Tube which is an improved and lower cost solution of 014214
Premium Mixing Tube. 
Just like 014214, the new version is also available in same length and diameter. The table below shows the relationship between old and new parts.
For more inquiries please contact Flow Customer Service at 1-800-526-4810 or email us at customerservice@flowcorp.com.
Part number of the old version Paser ECL & Paser 4 Standard Mixing Tube Matching Part number of the new version Paser ECL & Paser 4 Standard Mixing Tube Engineering Title(s)
014214-35-40 1000001-35-40  MIXING TUBE ASSY;ECL STD;.035 ID;4 IN LG
014214-30-40 1000001-30-40  MIXING TUBE ASSY;ECL STD;.030 ID;4 IN LG
014214-40-40 1000001-40-40  MIXING TUBE ASSY;ECL STD;.040 ID;4 IN LG
014214-40-30 1000001-40-30  MIXING TUBE ASSY;ECL STD;.040 ID;3 IN LG
014214-35-30 1000001-35-30  MIXING TUBE ASSY;ECL STD;.035 ID;3 IN LG
014214-30-30 1000001-30-30  MIXING TUBE ASSY;ECL STD;.030 ID;3 IN LG