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Mixing Tubes: Paser 4
Mixing Tubes: Paser ECL
Rated Pressure: 94k
subcategory: Mixing Tube

HOT! DELTA NXT Premium Waterjet Mixing Tube for Paser® ECL & Paser® 4

Introducing the SHAPE Delta Series waterjet cutting mixing tubes. These mixing tubes have same quality and same performance as Flow Paser ECL and Paser 4 014194-XX-XX mixing tubes, but the price is LOWER.

The Delta Series draws on years of technical knowledge, detailed analysis of water and abrasive flow, and the latest data from our customer's everyday applications.

This lower cost option is available in same standard length and diameter as 014194. Learn more >

    Cutting Head
  • Paser 4
  • Paser ECL
    Machine XY Model
  • IFB
  • Mach 2b
  • Mach 2c
  • Mach 300
  • Mach 3b/GIFB
  • Mach 4c
  • Mach 500
  • WMC

Engineering Title(s):

  • 1000003-40-40: MIXING TUBE ASSY;PREMIUM;.040 ID;4 IN LG
  • 1000003-30-40: MIXING TUBE ASSY;PREMIUM;.030 ID;4 IN LG
  • 1000003-35-30: MIXING TUBE ASSY;PREMIUM;.035 ID;3 IN LG
  • 1000003-35-40: MIXING TUBE ASSY;PREMIUM;.035 ID;4 IN LG
  • 1000003-40-30: MIXING TUBE ASSY;PREMIUM;.040 ID;3 IN LG
  • 1000003-50-40: MIXING TUBE ASSY;PREMIUM;.050 ID;4 IN LG
  • 1000003-70-40: MIXING TUBE ASSY;PREMIUM;.070 ID;4 IN LG
  • 1000003-15-40: MIXING TUBE ASSY;PREMIUM;.015 ID;4 IN LG
  • 1000003-20-40: MIXING TUBE ASSY;PREMIUM;.020 ID;4 IN LG
  • 1000003-30-30: MIXING TUBE ASSY;PREMIUM;.030 ID;3 IN LG
  • 1000003-50-35: MIXING TUBE ASSY;PREMIUM;.050 ID